Ready to start trolling like a pro?

Hello world! I am ConTroll and I am going to teach you the art of the troll. This will not all just be childish posts which result in you being ignored or immediately banned. True trolling should be more drawn out, with minimal posting. The ultimate goal here is to have other users unknowingly troll each-other for you over a period of time, all the while you sit back and watch it happen. I call this the "dumpster fire" of trolling. Sometimes you will see your troll account survive one of these online dumpster fires whilst other uses get permanently banned for their comments. Below is a brief summary of basic forms of trolling. You may click on one which sounds interesting to learn more and be your most amazing troll. You can even test out trolling tactics and troll-posts in the ConTroll Forum, a place just for trolls with practically no moderation, and an Administrator who will just troll you back.

Type 1

Shock Value

Posting absurd or offensive material, such as jokes or claiming to hold very uncommon beliefs. Telling 9/11 jokes and being a totally insane flat-earther are examples. Sometimes using troll tools (and hacks) to bypass features of the sites you troll to simply and blatantly ignore minimum requirements to access various areas or maximum daily post limits seen on many sites, or use said tools to simply ignore account bans and post from a now banned account. learn more

Type 2

Subtle & Sophisticated

A more sophisticated form of trolling is the "dumpster fire" method. If this is done properly, it is likely that your account will not even be banned; even more, other legitimate users may be banned by their own actions. All you have to do is provide a spark of controversy and then wait for a few comments to roll in, then simply stoke the flames a bit by asking questions of other users as they comment. With just a little social engineering, you will make other users troll each-other.learn more

Type 3


Another form of trolling is less inflammatory but just as interesting. Some users will even appreciate and play along with it, but moderators will be infuriated with. I've quite literally been thanked by other legitimate and established users for the "break from politics" that my hoax was. This is of course the good old fashioned hoax. To do this correctly, it will take some intelligence and a bit of planning. You can make users believe you are stuck in a WW2 style military base in Antartica, a Time Traveler, or even an extraterrestrial.learn more

Next Level

Putting It All Together

A special kind of troll can put all three types together for an ultimate trolling experience. You will need to legatimize your account so that it is respected by other users, then post a shocking and untrue senerio but back it up with fabricated sources. You will use subtle dumpster fire style techniques to create discussions regarding an inflamitory but totaly untrue hoax. Then you will slowly introduce shock value tacticts, then dial it back and defend your earlier comments. Only then will you become a level 9000 troll! learn more